The No.More.Plastic project involves more thanĀ 416 schools globally across 68 countries, covering six continents. During 3 weeks students will focus on the problem, solutions and how to take action. Students will be able to explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, connect, reflect and share their findings via weekly videos and pictures which will be shared at the website. Once a week they will watch the videos from their global peers to gain a deeper understanding about them. As part of the project they will focus on single use plastic, microplastics and the plastic soup.

This student-centered project is the perfect introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Not only are we focussing on some of the most important global challenges, we also offer some skills to our students which are becoming increasingly important: creativity, complex problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and empathy.

During the project we strive to do more than

Our students deserve better

During this project we aim to do more than acquiring knowledge, memorizing and assessing facts. We aim to stimulate our students to gain a deeper understanding, solve problems and taking action by making learning global and fun. Collaboration is key. The pedagogical framework is based on previous projects - including Climate Action projectHuman Differences and Innovation project. which caused authentic learning and tons of student engagement.

The project will bring teachers in a global platform allowing them to exchange best practices and share anecdotes.

The project involves students aged 8-21 and can be introduced during every subject.
This project was launched between April 22 and May 10 2019.