week 3: action - connect

HNTL Week 3dIn Week 3, HNTL students were asked to show to the world what they had done at home or at school to reduce plastics. Their actions include:

- bring their own bags (paper ones or fabric ones)

- only buy products that do not have plastic packages

- bring their own bottles to school or when going to play sports

- recycling plastic things for craft activities

- order drinks in paper cups (HNTL teachers)

- use inox straws (HNTL teachers)

We tried a Skype lesson with a Thai school but we had a sound problem and could only see each other (Ms Penchan Kongpet). 

We contacted a Russian teacher but haven't finalised the time for our Skype connection yet as we are approaching the end of the school year.HNTL Week3cHNTL Week3bHNTL W3HNTL Week 3-a

Hanoi Thanglong School Week 3